Mark Smith


Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
B.A. Lenoir-Rhyne College


I joined the Psychology Department in 1998. My primary line of research focuses on the behavioral effects of opioids and cocaine. A major focus of this research involves identifying the variables contributing to differences in drug sensitivity across individuals. My research has shown that these variables fall along a number of dimensions that include characteristics of the user (i.e., biological), characteristics of the drug (i.e., pharmacological) and characteristics of the setting and situation in which the drug is administered (i.e., environmental).

In my laboratory, my students use a number of animal models to examine potential behavioral and pharmacological interventions that may serve to reduce drug self-administration.

My research is funded primarily through the National Institute on Drug Abuse. My research publications, including those authored with Davidson College undergraduates, can be accessed here:


PSY 101 General Psychology
PSY 282 Learning
PSY 284 Drugs and Behavior
PSY 302 Psychological Research: Behavioral Pharmacology
PSY 361 Clinical Psychopharmacology

Professional Affiliations

American Psychological Association
Society for Neuroscience
College on the Problems of Drug Dependence
American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics