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Islamic Bioethics: Recent Debates about Brain Death and Organ Transplants by Dr. Ebrahim Mossa, Duke University

Professor of Religious and Islamic Studies in the Department of Religious Studies at Duke University Ebrahim E.I. Moosa will discuss Islamic Bioethics. His interests span both classical and modern Islamic thought with a special focus on Islamic law, history, ethics and theology. Moosa is the author of Ghazali and The Poetics of Imagination, winner of the American Academy of Religion's Best First Book in the History of Religions (2006). Currently he is completing a book titled What is a Madrasa? For further details and access to research materials please visit Moosa’s website.

This forum is hosted by the Vann Center for Ethics. This event is free and open to the public; no ticket is required.


Chambers Hance Auditorium (CHAM-4121)

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MacIntyre, Amber P