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Carlisle & Gallagher Information Session

Interview Date: October 21     Application Deadline: October 10

Company overview provided by Carlisle & Gallagher 

CG is an established management and technology consulting firm that has demonstrated strong growth for more than eight years. We were founded in 2002 to fill a market need for proven business and technology expertise and exceptional value for the price. In creating the business, we also strove to eliminate many of the things that give the consulting business a bad name. To that end, we focused on: •building relationships, not just closing transactions •managing flexible teams, not troops of constantly traveling consultants that cost clients time, money, and productivity •providing opportunity and support for employees so they can advance based on merit and results, not according to rigid corporate structures •hiring consultants with many years of relevant experience, not fresh-faced college graduates in need of on-the-job training 

Where we are today - The success of our clients and employees validates our approach. We have grown quickly, with an average of over 35% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). And we have honed our focus on the financial services industry to become the partner of choice for the world’s leading financial services organizations, including 7 of the 10 largest financial services organizations in the U.S. and 4 of the 10 largest financial institutions in the world. Over the years, we have steadily increased our headcount and geographic presence. Today, we have more than 800 employees serving clients across more than 40 states via flexible on-site and remote teams. 

Attire for information session: Professional  

Davidson Alumni planning to attend the session: Meg Currie and Megan Bailey


Knobloch Campus Center Alvarez- Room 209

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Information Session


Weaver, Kelly M