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Biology Seminar: Debbie Thurtle-Schmidt

What Regulates the Regulators? Investigating How Genomic Organization Contributes to Transcriptional Regulation. 

Every single cell in an organism has almost the exact same genomic information, yet cells in different tissues develop into vastly different cell identities. This terminal differentiation into distinct cell types is due to the turning on of some genes and the turning off of other genes—a phenomenon known as transcriptional regulation. Regulation of transcription involves both general factors that package the DNA as well as transcription factors that bind to sequence-specific regulatory elements near genes. This seminar will highlight work both in baker’s yeast, S. cerevisiae, and in the nematode worm, C. elegans, utilizing high-resolution genomic studies to investigate different mechanisms of gene regulation. 


Dana Science Classroom-146

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Ingraham, Jenny L