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“War and Peace: Trojan Narratives on Ancient Greek Vases” Lecture by Tyler Jo Smith

Tyler Jo Smith is Associate Professor of Mediterranean Art and Archaeology and the Director of the Interdisciplinary Archaeology Program. She is the Coordinator of the Mediterranean Art and Archaeology Program for graduate students at UVa. As a specialist in ancient Greek vase painting, she is particularly interested in the iconography of performance and the relationship between art and religion. Smith is the author of Komast Dancers in Archaic Greek Art (Oxford 2010), the co-editor of A Companion to Greek Art (with D. Plantzos, 2012), and is currently writing The Art of Greek Religion (under contract with U. Penn Press). An active field archaeologist, Smith has participated on excavations and surveys in Greece, Sicily, Turkey, and England. In 2011 she joined the excavations at Hacımusalar Höyük with Bilkent University and the University of Richmond, for which she is publishing the votive sculpture.

“War and Peace: Trojan Narratives on Ancient Greek Vases”
In 1988 the Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia acquired an Athenian black-figure column krater that had been in the collection of the second Marquess of Northampton at Castle Ashby, England. The krater has been dated based on style to the late 6th century BC. With a duel on one side and a wedding scene on the other, it offers an opportunity to explore the connections between its two iconographic themes. After describing the imagery and identifying the figures and scenes with the Trojan War and the Epic Cycle, this lecture will look at the association between text and image and the strategies employed by vase-painters to convey heroic narratives, messages, and meanings. It will also explore the history of the Greek vase collection at the university museum and the unique and important place of this particular object within it.


Visual Arts Center VAC-117 Semans Lecture Hall

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