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Chemistry Colloquium with Professor John H. Bushweller

Title: Using Chemistry to Understand and Inhibit Transcription Factor Drivers in Cancer

Please come out and join us as we listen to Dr. John H. Bushweller discuss the topic of transcription factors. Transcription factors are proteins which bind to specific sites in the genome to regulate expression of genes. They play important roles in normal development and are dysregulated in cancer. This dysregulation can occur via fusion to other proteins, expression of overly high levels of the protein, or altered regulation. Altered transcription factor function plays a critical role in numerous cancers. He has had a long-term focus on the role of altered transcription factors in the development of leukemia. The seminar will highlight the chemistry based approaches we are using to understand the 3D structure and function of these altered transcription factor drivers in leukemia as well as our more recent efforts to develop small molecule inhibitors targeting them. 


Wall Academic Center Hamilton W. McKay Atrium

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Yates, Alexis C