Resumes & CVs

Résumé & Curriculum Vitae (CV) Guides

For additional tips on how to write résumés and CVS, including non-traditional résumés, you can visit our pinterest site.

Résumé & CV Feedback

Your résumé or CV should be reviewed by a minimum of three individuals before it is submitted to an employer or graduate program. Center for Career Development advisors provide résumé and CV critiques to hundreds of students each year. Visit the office during walk-in hours or schedule an advising meeting to meet with an advisor. We will also help you connect with Davidson alumni through Alenda Links and LinkedIn who can offer additional, job specific résumé or CV feedback.

Résumé & CV Approval for WildcatLink Positions

Student résumés or CV must be approved by a Center for Career Development adviser to apply to jobs, internships and job shadowing experiences in WildcatLink. Any current students or alumni may still access WildcatLink for viewing positions without approval. Visit our résumé approval page for additional details, as you may or may not be required to do so in a given year.