Note to New Students

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The Registrar's Office maintains the permanent academic records of all Davidson College students. The office acts for the faculty in coordinating activities including course registration, maintenance and protection of academic records, and certification of students for continued enrollment and for graduation.

We maintain, interpret, and monitor academic policy and communicate procedures to faculty, to students, and to the college's various publics. We are dedicated to support for academic advising and course planning and to assistance for students planning off-campus study.

In carrying out its functions, the Registrar's Office maintains a comprehensive database of student academic and demographic information. The office certifies student enrollments and academic eligibility to various agencies including the NCAA and the National Student Clearinghouse, and it provides for alumni verification of degrees awarded.

Course Registration and WebTree

Be ready when WebTree opens. Watch the video and learn more about course registration and how WebTree works. 

If you are comfortable with WebTree and have your list of courses, jump directly to WebTree.