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  • Students participating in a Chidsey Leadership Retreat

    Annual retreats give Chidsey Fellows opportunities to explore different aspects of leadership in depth and bond with their classmates.

  • Students participating in a Chidsey Leadership Reception

    The Chidsey Center offers a range of programs and services to meet the diverse needs of the campus community. 

  • Students participating in a Chidsey Leadership Session

    Chidsey Leadership Fellows have group meetings where they explore leadership theories and models.

Chidsey Center

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Chidsey Center for Leadership Development

The Chidsey Center for Leadership Development prepares Davidson students to exercise leadership in ways that positively impact our campus, community, and world. We work with students to help them increase their self-awareness; enable student and community organizations to have greater positive impact; and to be courageous leaders in a constantly changing environment.

Our programs and services reflect our commitment to experiential leadership development, and when possible, connect directly to the unique learning experiences of our students. Participants study leadership role models and theories, and learn practices that can help them interpret their experiences. They also reflect on their collegiate and life journey in a structured way that leads to personal growth and leadership development.

The Center provides opportunities for individuals to explore different facets of leadership with people of different values, cultural backgrounds, personality types, and interests, so that they are better able to recognize and harness the value of diverse perspectives. In doing so, they will be better prepared to address the most challenging problems we face as a society.

Over the years, the Chidsey Center has invested immensely in its leadership development curriculum, resources, and expertise. We share these services in support of the college's primary purpose—to prepare all students for "lives of leadership and service."

We believe that students can develop a profound understanding of leadership through personal experiences. As a result, it is particularly effective for students to develop their leadership within the programs, courses, and activities that matter deeply to them. To this end, we work with student leaders, faculty, and staff to support the leadership development of the students they serve. Examples of customized support include:

  • Providing support to student leaders who can then share what they have learned with members of their organizations
  • Helping student leaders design and/or deliver retreats and workshops that directly support the leadership development of their members
  • Collaborating with other departments to create leadership resources that will benefit their particular students
  • Providing resources to faculty members that can positively impact the group dynamics of class project teams