• Residence Life Tomlinson Hall

    Tomlinson houses 128 students as well as the Campus Police Office and a campus computer lab.

  • Residence Life Akers Hall

    Irwin, Akers and Knox Halls are newly renovated and house 81 students in 49 large, single-occupancy rooms and 16 double-occupancy rooms.

  • Residence Life Duke Hall

    Duke Hall is centrally located on Dorm Row and is also home to the Dean Rusk International Studies Program.


Current Students

Each spring rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors participate in a housing lottery process to select their rooms for the next academic year.

While some students may be granted permission to live off campus, the college is committed to residential living because of its positive impact on students. The benefits of residential living include increased academic success, higher graduation rates, stronger interpersonal skills, and exposure to more diverse ideas and cultures.

In addition, students receive support from Residence Life Office (RLO) professional and student staff, Physical Plant, and Campus Police. RLO assigns one student to live on each hall or building and serve as a resident adviser or building manager (apartments).

With the help of these staff members, upper-classmen continue to build relationships and foster a sense of community and accountability on campus.