Singles, Doubles, Triples, & Suites

Upper-class students who do not live in Martin Court Apartments can choose to live in traditional (community bathroom) single or double rooms, or in suites (adjoining rooms connected by a bathroom). Please review the lottery timeline often during housing selection to stay informed of important application deadlines and dates. Make sure to review the options below before the room selection nights.

Single Room Selection

Since there are a limited number of single rooms available on campus, not all students who apply will be guaranteed a single room. Single room selection occurs separately from selection for doubles and suites, except for double rooms in Irwin, Akers, and Knox which can be selected as part of a cluster during single room selection.

Available Singles
There are 152 single rooms on campus. Most singles on campus are found in Tomlinson pods (64 total) and Irwin, Akers, Knox (51 total). There are also 10 singles on the fourth floor of Belk and 10 singles in Duke. New Hall houses 17 singles for rising sophomores only.

Single Room Clusters
Clusters of up to four students are allowed in Tomlinson Pods and Irwin, Akers, and Knox. If students are interested in living by one another in one of these communities, they will need to attend the single room selection night together. Their lottery numbers will be averaged and they will be placed sequentially with other students desiring a single room.

Applications for Single Rooms or Single Room Clusters
Students who would like to live in a single room or a single room cluster must submit the Single Room Application prior to the deadline. A link to the application will be included in an email from Dean Shaffer.

Didn't Get a Single?
Since all returning students must select a room during the lottery process, students who do not receive a single during single room selection MUST select a double room or a suite during that part of lottery process. Furthermore, since students are required to go through double/suite selection in pairs we suggest and encourage students who are trying for a single room to have a backup plan by having a potential roommate already in place.

Double Rooms & Suites

A majority of the residence hall rooms available to students during room selection are double rooms or rooms within a Tomlinson or Duke suite. Students who wish to select a double room or suite and those students who were not able to select a room earlier in the room selection process will choose a room during this final phase of the lottery.

Applications for Double Rooms, Suites, and Clusters

Students who would like to live in a double room, suite, or a four-person cluster must submit the Double Room and Suite Application prior to the deadline. Please note that in order to choose a double room or suite, students MUST have a roommate. A link to the application will be included in an email from Dean Shaffer.


Students who are going through double/suite selection may choose to cluster in groups of four. Clusters will select two double rooms on the same floor or all spaces within a suite, unless none are available at the time their group is selecting. The cluster's lottery number will be calculated by the Residence Life Office by averaging the four individual lottery numbers together. 

Students Without a Roommate
If you do not have a roommate and are having difficulty finding one before room selection, visit the Residence Life Office for a list of students seeking roommates. Fill out a roommate inquiry form (DOC) in order to be added to the list. Also check with your resident advisor or hall counselor to see if they know of other students looking for a roommate. At the time of room selection, students without roommates will be placed on a waitlist in lottery number order and will be placed in a room with a roommate at a later date.

Triple Rooms

A small number of triple rooms are available on campus on fourth floor of Belk and second floor of Duke. These rooms are assigned according to lottery number order. If you are part of a group that is interested in living in a triple room, complete the triple room application (PDF) and email the completed form to the Residence Life Office at