Substance Free Housing

Each year, Davidson sets aside one or more floors per gender for upper-class students who desire to live in a substance-free community. These communities have high expectations regarding substance use by residents. Students agree to not use alcohol or drugs on their floor community as well as not bring their effects back onto the hall (e.g. not returning to the hall intoxicated).

Any upper-class student seeking to live in substance-free housing must turn in a PAPER substance-free housing application (DOC) by the deadline listed on the Lottery Timeline. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee a student a space in substance-free housing. Students who submit a sub-free application MUST list a roommate on their application, since there are only double rooms available on substance-free floors.

Beginning spring 2014 we will be utilizing a new online tool to complete room selection for substance-free halls. Read the following sections for information to complete this process. Students can receive assistance with this process at the Residence Life Office during regular business hours.

Roommate Matching (online)

Once sub-free applications for both roommates are received in the Residence Life Office, those students will be given instructions to select one another as roommates in MyHousing (PDF). This should be done immediately in order to proceed to room selection.

Room Selection (online)

After all roommates have fully "matched" in MyHousing, lottery numbers will be averaged and each pair who qualifies for a substance-free room will be assigned an online selection time according to their lottery number. Students will then be notified, by Thursday, Feb. 13 whether they have qualified for a sub-free room, and if so, will be provided instructions to complete the online selection process (PDF). Online selection will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 18 between 4 and 6 p.m.