Substance Free Housing

Davidson College offers substance-free housing for those students who wish to minimize their exposure in their living environment to alcohol and alcohol-related behavior, illicit drugs, and smoking materials. Students living in these communities agree to not use alcohol or drugs on their floor community, nor bring the effects of those substances back into the hall.

For 2015-16, RLO has designated 1st Cannon, 1st South, and 2nd South as substance-free communities.
1st Cannon and half of 2nd South are designated for female students (for a total of 38 beds) and 1st South and half of 2nd South are designated for male students (for a total of 27 beds). Only sophomores are eligible to live on 1st and 2nd South.

There is no separate application process for substance-free housing. Room selection will occur at the same time as the room type being selected (e.g., a double room on 1st Cannon would be selected on Suites/Double Room Selection night). Any student will be allowed to choose those floors when their lottery number permits.

All students choosing a substance free assignment will be required to complete a substance free housing contract; failure to uphold the expectations will likely result in relocation to another assignment.