Academic Clubs & Societies

Davidson supports numerous academic clubs and student-run organizations that promote cooperation and coordination among other students, faculty members, and industry professionals working within diverse areas of study, including:

Alpha Epsilon Delta

The Alpha Epsilon Delta Society aims to encourage excellence in premedical scholarship while promoting cooperation among students and educators that ultimately benefits health organizations, charities and the greater community.

Davidson College Neuroscience Club (DCNC)

The Neuroscience Club offers students interested in Neuroscience a forum for dialog about relevant topics including ethics, neurophilosophy, and current research. The organization provides opportunities to interact with those who treat, investigate, and manifest neurological disorders, as well as means to engage in public education directed towards promoting understanding of and appreciation for the nervous system within the college and greater community.

Davidson Investment and Financial Association (DIFA)

The Davidson Investment and Financial Association manages $200,000 of the college's endowment. The student-run club was founded on the principles of education and the college's need for an effective and unique way to educate the student body about the stock market.

Davidson Microfinance Club

The Microfinance Club encourages students to become active participants in the practice of microfinance through campaigns, lectures, discussions and investing. The club leads fundraising events to raise money for investment in microfinance projects.

Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)

Founded in 2007 to bring together underrepresented premedical students with shared goals and ideals, MAPS aims to support students in their efforts to impact the healthcare community and to provide them with opportunities to do so. 

Mock Trial Association

Mock Trial Association members gain hands-on knowledge about the theory and practice of law in the United States. Teams participate in trial advocacy competitions throughout the school year.

Pre-Business Society

The Pre-Business Society is a network of Davidson students pursuing post-graduate education or careers in business. It provides a forum for discussion among students with similar goals, and aims to provide educational and networking opportunities for its members. It also offers career preparation and assistance with graduate school applications.

Pre-Dental Society

The Pre-Dental Society aims to promote the awareness of dentistry as a career and to provide aid and support to pre-dental students at Davidson.

Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society seeks to educate Davidson students about legal issues and education, and serves as a resource for students considering careers in the legal field. It arranges visits to law firms and law schools and invites legal professionals and educators to speak on campus. It also organizes affordable LSAT preparation courses and counsels students pursuing law school admission.

Pre-Vet Society

The Pre-Vet Society supports students interested in careers in animal sciences. It also aims to raise awareness of animal-related issues in Davidson.

Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

The SAAC aims to promote achievement in academics and athletics among Davidson varsity athletes. It also encourages Davidson students and faculty to attend sporting events.

Students for New Learning (SNL)

SNL brings together students with special or alternative learning needs. It aims to support each student's unique learning styles and techniques and to further students' educational experiences at Davidson.