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Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

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CIS Majors

Most interdisciplinary majors are center-established majors. These are majors that have already been designed by faculty but cannot definitively be regularly offered for a variety of reasons. Center-established majors have been reviewed internally and externally, and like other majors in the college, have a set list of required and elective courses. Most students who major through the CIS are center-established majors.

Students must apply for CIS majors. For a detailed description of the major application process, visit our CIS Application Process.

A few interdisciplinary majors each year are student-designed majors, which are created by students themselves in close consultation with at least two interested faculty members. Like other majors, they require courses that offer both a breadth of study as well as depth of knowledge and methodology in a particular field; in addition, student-designed majors required a capstone project that integrates the courses together.

Both center-established and student-designed majors require a great deal of planning and communication with the CIS director and involved faculty. It is a good idea to begin exploring possibilities in the spring of your first year, but definitely in the fall semester of your sophomore year.

Please note that the following majors have moved out of the CIS and are now programs: