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CIS Application Guidelines

All CIS majors require an application; not all applicants are accepted. Students apply to the CIS during their second year at Davidson. Most CIS majors begin the process before choosing spring semester courses and apply between October and January, though the final deadline for applications is the Friday before spring break at noon. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Contact CIS Director Fuji Lozada to schedule a meeting to discuss the process of majoring through the CIS.
  2. Download the application (DOC) and the curriculum for the major of your choice (view list of majors). A student who wishes to develop a major not on this list must work with two or more faculty members to design a curriculum. This curriculum must be approved before you can apply.
  3. Find two able and willing advisers, normally full-time, tenure-track or permanent faculty (or long-term full-time visiting faculty) from different departments who will be in residence at Davidson College during your senior year.
  4. Work with your advisers to draft your application and complete the application form.
  5. Submit your application as an attachment to an email to Professor Fuji Lozada, administrative assistant Sallie Kerr, and your advisers.