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Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

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CIS Application Guidelines

All Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) majors require an application, and not all applicants are accepted. You apply to the CIS during your sophomore year. Most CIS majors begin the process before choosing spring semester courses and apply between October and January, though the final deadline for applications is the Friday before spring break at noon.

1. Meet with CIS Director

The first step is to meet with the CIS director to discuss the process of majoring through the CIS. At this point, you should have a strong sense of your academic plans, which adviser(s) you would like to work with, and ideas for a capstone project. If you are applying for a Center-Established major, you should download a copy of the posted curriculum and be prepared to talk about how you plan to fit the necessary courses into your schedule. This includes fulfillment of Ways of Knowing requirements, other courses needed for your plans (i.e., premedicine courses), and study-abroad possibilities (if applicable). The CIS director will then direct you to meet with potential adviser(s). For established majors, you would need either one or two advisers (depending upon the curriculum); for student-designed majors, two advisers are necessary.

2. Meet with Potential Adviser(s)

The relationship between CIS majors and their adviser(s) is crucial to their success. In most cases, you will have already taken a course with potential adviser(s). After meeting with the director, you must also get support from your potential adviser(s) to serve as CIS advisers; you must also review the curriculum and your academic plans with adviser(s), even for those selecting center-established majors. You should also discuss capstone projects with potential adviser(s).

3. Submit Application

The application forms for a center-established major and student-designed major differ slightly; please read the title at the top of the document. The application includes courses in the curriculum, a brief explanation for the necessity of a CIS major, and a short summary of preliminary capstone project plans. Capstone project plans almost always change over the course of study, and are only meant to help guide you in selecting required classes, planning for study abroad, finding resources for the capstone, and other issues.

Application Forms

Download the applicable form and complete it after consultation with the CIS director and potential faculty advisers.

Once you have downloaded and completed your application, please mail it to the CIS director, program assistant, and faculty advisers.

4. Evaluation by CIS Committee

The CIS committee (consisting of one faculty representative from the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, as well as the CIS director who chairs the committee) will then evaluate the electronic proposal. You will then be contacted by the CIS director about admission to a CIS major in the third week after the submission deadline.