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Transferring Credits

The Registrar's Office must approve a course for transfer credit.

  • In general, courses that are business-oriented (with the exception of some accounting courses) or are internships will not earn Davidson credit.
  • Note that Finance at Davidson (Economics 314) has three prerequisites - Economics 105 (Statistics), Economics 202 (Intermediate Microeconomics Theory), and Economics 211 (Accounting). So, many finance courses will not transfer.
  • If transfer credit is granted, then Economics 199 credit is awarded. This Davidson College credit does not count towards the economics major or the economics minor.

There are two possible options by which a student can earn economics major or economics minor credit. Both options must be initiated by the student, but only after the Registrar has awarded Economics 199 credit for the course. In each case, the chair makes the decision based upon a review of a course syllabus describing the topics covered, the reading materials, the assignments, and the grading procedures. Sometimes the chair needs to review more materials, such as specific assignments.

  • The credit for Economics 199 can be changed to credit for Economics 299.
    • This course counts towards the major or minor.
    • All such courses must have at least an Introductory Economics prerequisite.
    • The chair will communicate (usually via an email message) if the course counts towards x10, x20, or x30 distribution requirement and/or the 300-level course distribution requirement (never an S-course).
  • The credit for Economics 199 can be changed to credit for a Davidson economics course listed in the College Catalog.
    • Transfer credit is not awarded for Economics 202 (Intermediate Microeconomic Theory), Economics 203 (Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory), Economics 205 (Basic Econometrics), Economics 495 (Senior Session), or an S-course.
    • The course must be functionally equivalent to its Davidson counterpart including its prerequisites, readings, and assignments.
    • In such cases, the chair will first solicit the opinion of the instructor of the Davidson counterpart.

Wells College-Florence Program

Neither economics major nor economics minor credit is earned by courses taken in the Wells College Florence Program.

Students should check with the Registrar before enrolling in courses they intend to transfer. After that discussion and before enrolling, students should talk about such courses with the department chair.