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Economics Major

Major Requirements

To complete a major in economics you must complete 10 economics courses that are distributed as follows:

  • Economics 101
  • Economics 202, 203, 205, and 495 (all four courses must be completed at Davidson College)
  • One course from the 210 or 310 series
  • One course from the 220 or 320 series
  • One course from the 230 or 330 series
  • Two other courses above Economics 101, with the exceptions of Economics 114, 122, 130, 180-184, 195, 196, 199, and 401, and the exception that, of Economics 211, 212, and 213, only two of them may be counted toward the major.
  • At least one of the 10 courses must be a 300-level course.
  • At least one of the 10 courses must be an "S" course (a course with a significant writing component as listed below).

Courses taken pass/fail at Davidson may not be counted towards the major.

An "S" course contains a significant writing component. At least two of the department's courses each semester are offered as "S" courses. Economics 402 will satisfy the "S" requirement; with the approval of the department, Economics 295, 296, 395, or 396 may satisfy the "S" requirement.

The department strongly recommends that you fulfill the core requirements of Economics 202, 203, and 205 early in the major. Some economics courses, including Economics 202 and 203, have a calculus prerequisite. Economics 205 has a prerequisite of Economics 105 (or permission of the instructor).

Preparation for Graduate School

If you intend to study economics in graduate school you should:

  • Take at least Mathematics 150, 160, 230, 235, 330, and 340 (which is one version of a minor in Mathematics)
  • Plan to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Conduct independent economic research through a summer research grant, independent study, or the economics department honors program.

For addition information about major requirements and courses, visit the College Catalog.