• The English Department encourages intellectual independence by stressing creative and critical thinking combined with informed reading and interpretation.



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English Major

The English Department provides you with a depth and breadth of literary knowledge while teaching you to explore problems creatively, to be sensitive to life's diversity, and to read the world critically and thoughtfully. 

To declare a major in English, please select a faculty member (not visiting) and request that the professor serve as your adviser. Pick up the appropriate form from the Registrar's Office and take it to the department chair for approval.

If the adviser you selected cannot take any more advisees, then you will decide on a second choice with the chair. Your choice of adviser is extremely important as he/she will help you design a major program and provide advice, and/or recommendations for jobs and graduate school. Use our major advising form (DOC) as a guide to your coursework.

Major Requirements

To graduate as an English major requires you to complete 10 courses as follows:

  • English 220 (to be completed by the end of sophomore year)
  • Three historical survey courses:
    • ENG 240 British Literature through 18th Century
    • ENG 260 or 290 British Literature through 19th through 20th Century or World Literatures, a historical survey of texts outside British and American traditions
    • ENG 280 American Literature through 20th Century
  • At least one writing, creative writing, or creative practice course (at 200, 300, or 400 level)
  • Five electives, four of which should be at the 300-level or higher, at least two at the 400 level

Additional information about the English major is available in the College Catalog.

Literary Analysis

English 220 lays the foundation for the three introductory historical survey courses (240, 260, 280) and for upper-level literature courses. Prospective English majors are encouraged to take English 220 as early as possible. The purpose of English 220 is to address many of the essential questions that confront a student of literature.

  • What do we do when we study "English?"
  • How do we determine that a text is "literature" and how does that determination affect our reading of it?
  • How do we account for the author's intentions in our response to the text?
  • What is required in the formal analysis of language, structure, sound, and rhythm in literature?
  • What do history, politics, and gender have to do with the discovery of meaning in a literary text?
  • What is the range of possibility in the reading and interpretation of literary texts?
  • What is the value of studying literature at all?

English 220 explores these and other critical issues through well-informed discussion and writing on selected texts of poetry, fiction, and drama by major authors in world literature.