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Core Faculty

color head shot of David Backus

David Backus
Covington Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Ph.D. University of Washington, Seattle

I am a geologist with interests in coastal ecosystems, marine invertebrates (fossil & modern), ocean sediments, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing.

color head shot of Graham Bullock

Graham Bullock
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

I teach courses and conduct research on American and environmental politics; the environmental social sciences; the politics of information; citizens, consumers, and the environment; and environmental challenges in Asia.

color head shot of Cindy Hauser

Cindy Deforest Hauser
Associate Professor and Chair of Chemistry
Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

I teach courses in analytical, environmental, and green chemistry and in environmental studies. My current research involves the development of analytical methods to study issues relevant to atmospheric chemistry.

color head shot of Bradley Johnson

Bradley Johnson
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Charlotte

I am a geologist, geomorphologist, and soil scientist here in the Environmental Studies Department at Davidson. I generally teach Environmental Geology, Environmental Science, Soil Science, Geomorphology, and the ENV Capstone Sequence.

color head shot of Amy Kohout

Amy Kohout
Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Ph.D. Cornell University

I specialize in American environmental and cultural history. My teaching and research interests include environmental history, museum studies, the history of natural history, American empire, the American West, world's fairs, and science and technology studies.

color head shot of Fuji Lozada

Fuji Lozada
Professor of Anthropology and Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Ph.D. Harvard University

I am a sociocultural anthropologist and have examined contemporary issues in Chinese society ranging from religion and politics, food, popular culture and globalization, sports and society issues, and the cultural impact of science and technology.

color head shot of Ben Mangrum

Ben Mangrum
Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Environmental Studies
Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

My interests include 20th-century fiction, political theory, philosophy, ecology, religion and literature, economics, and the American South.

color head shot of David Martin

Dave Martin (Interim Chair)
Professor of Economics
Ph.D. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

I am an economist trained in the neoclassical environmental and natural resources tradition who greatly appreciates the ecological economics perspective.

color head shot of Annie Merrill

Annie Merrill
Professor of English and Thomson Professor of Environmental Studies
Ph.D. Emory University

I'm an Americanist who specializes in 19th-century literature and rambles over more extensive interdisciplinary territory, including ecocriticism, environmental literature, environmental humanities, American studies, ethnic American literatures, and gender studies.

color headshot of Chris Paradise

Christopher Paradise
Professor of Biology
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University

color head shot of Pat Peroni

Patricia Peroni
Professor of Biology
Ph.D. Duke University

I am a plant ecologist who studies the effects of dormant seed banks on the dynamics of populations with fragmented habitats. I also have interests in pollination ecology and conduct research into how interactions between invasive exotic plant species and white tailed deer affect regeneration of native forest species.

color head shot of Matthew Samson

Matthew Samson
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Interim Chair of Latin American Studies
Ph.D. University at Albany, State University of New York

I am a sociocultural anthropologist interested in indigenous culture and religious change in Latin America, particularly among the Maya in Guatemala, as well as in environmental sustainability and development, humanistic anthropology, and issues of social justice and human rights.

color head shot of Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith
Assistant Professor of Biology
Ph.D. University of Tennessee

Affiliated Faculty

Karen Bernd
Associate Professor of Biology

Laurence Cain
Richardson Professor of Physics

Helen Cho
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Michael Dorcas
Professor of Biology

Pam Hay
Associate Professor of Biology

Peter Hess
Professor of Economics

Larry Ligo
Professor of Art History

Maggie McCarthy
Associate Professor of German

Sean McKeever
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Sally McMillen
Babcock Professor of History

Jeff Mittelstadt
Director of Sustainability

William Ringle
Professor of Anthropology

Mark Stanback
Professor of Biology

Darian Totten
Assistant Professor of Classics

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Anne-Marie Craig
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