Genomics Interdisciplinary Minor

The genomics interdisciplinary minor fulfills National Research Council recommendations to provide undergraduates with a strong foundation in biological, mathematical, physical and information sciences. The diverse academic background provided by this interdisciplinary minor in the context of a liberal arts education will help prepare students of all majors for exciting fields such as drug discovery, pharmaceutical industry, biomedical sciences, patent law, and ethics.

Application Procedure

If you are interested in pursuing the genomics interdisciplinary minor, you should contact one of the two primary advisers, Malcolm Campbell and Laurie Heyer, as early as possible to discuss curriculum options. If you decide to pursue the interdisciplinary minor you must submit a written application to either of the primary genomics advisors no later than the last day of the spring term in your junior year.

Certification of completion of all requirements for the interdisciplinary minor is made by the registrar upon the recommendation of the genomics advisors.

Additional information about the genomics interdisciplinary minor is available in the College Catalog.