Hispanic Studies Courses

General Course Listings

Sub CRSE Title
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II
SPA 103 Intensive Spa 1&2 (2 credits)
SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish
SPA 203 Intensive Adv Spanish Abroad
SPA 219 IS: Language and Linguistics
SPA 241 Latin American Lit in Translat
SPA 244 US Latino Lit in English
SPA 260 Spanish Conversation & Comp
SPA 261 Intro to Lat Amer Cult/Global
SPA 270 Textual Analysis
SPA 272 Interm Seminar in Spa Cultures
SPA 302 Advanced Grammar
SPA 303 Advanced Grammar and Comp
SPA 304 Sociolinguistics of Spanish
SPA 311 Foreign Lang in Elementary Sch
SPA 320 Span Lit Through Golden Age
SPA 321 Theater of Spain's Golden Age
SPA 322 Cervantes
SPA 329 IS: Spa Lit Prior to 1700
SPA 330 Modern Spain
SPA 331 20th Century Spain
SPA 339 IS: Spanish Lit Since 1700
SPA 340 Latin Amer Literature I
SPA 341 Latin American Literature II
SPA 342 The Latin American City
SPA 343 Contemporary Latin Amer Novel
SPA 344 Latino Culture in the US
SPA 346 Latin American Theatre
SPA 347 Imperial Cities
SPA 349 IS: Latin American Literature
SPA 350 Garcia Lorca & His Generation
SPA 352 Contemp Latin American Cinema
SPA 353 Contemporary Spanish Film
SPA 354 Dying of Love in Medieval Spa
SPA 356 Seminar
SPA 357 Seminar
SPA 358 Special Topics in Spanish
SPA 359 Special Topics in Contemp Lit
SPA 360 Cultures of Southern Spain
SPA 361 Civilization of Spain
SPA 369 IS: Hispanic Cultures
SPA 374 Caribbean Peoples,Ideas,& Arts
SPA 375 Latin American Women Writers
SPA 390 Special Topics
SPA 393 Advanced Language Seminar
SPA 394 Adv Seminar in Spa Cultures
SPA 401 Special Topics Seminar
SPA 402 Special Topics Seminar
SPA 403 Special Topics Seminar
SPA 404 Special Topics Seminar
SPA 405 Seminar in Hispanic Studies
SPA 406 Seminar in Hispanic Studies
SPA 407 Memory & Contemporary Spain
SPA 408 Seminar
SPA 429 Independent Study
SPA 490 Senior Seminar I
SPA 498 Sr Honors, Tutorial & Thesis