Faculty & Staff

As a reflection of our research, our teaching is strongly based on an interdisciplinary approach to the topics we cover in the classroom. We bring our own research to the classroom as a way to challenge students and have them challenge us as well. 

Eulises Avellaneda

Eulises Avellaneda
Ph.D. University of South Florida (Expected)

At Davidson I teach Spanish 201 and Spanish 102.

Patricio Boyer

Patricio Boyer
Ph.D. Yale University

I specialize in colonial Latin American literary and intellectual culture, as well as comparative early American studies.

Melissa González

Melissa González (Sabbatical, Fall 2014)
Ph.D. Columbia University

I specialize in U.S. Latina/o and 20th century Latin American literature and culture, gender studies, and queer theory.

Kyra A. Kietrys

Kyra A. Kietrys (Chair)
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

I teach all levels of Spanish language and advanced literature and culture courses on contemporary Spain. I also teach literary translation and am developing a class on second language acquisition. My research interests include the 19th-21st Peninsular novel, digital studies, and cultural studies with a particular emphasis on the Second Republic.

Magdalena Maiz-Peña

Magdalena Maiz-Peña
Ph.D. Arizona State University

My teaching interests include basic and intermediate language courses, introduction to Hispanic literatures and cultures, contemporary Latin American literatures, and the Latin American city and its historical and cultural representation.

Luis Peña

Luis Peña
Ph.D. Arizona State University

I specialize in 20th century Latin American literature and culture, with an emphasis on Mexican studies, and in cultural and literary studies along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Lucía Reinaga

Lucía Reinaga
Ph.D. Duke University

I am currently teaching courses in basic and intermediate level Spanish.

Dolores Santamaria

Lola Santamaria (Madrid Program, Fall 2014)
Ph.D. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (expected)

My academic areas of expertise and passions are the Spanish Golden Age Theatre, as well as the Post-Franco "Transicion y Movida" period in film and literature. 

Samuel Sanchez y Sanchez

Samuel Sánchez y Sánchez
Ph.D. University of Michigan

I specialize in medieval and early modern literature with an emphasis on 15th century Iberia. My research interests include literary and cultural representations of love and death, courtly love literature, and early modern literacy.  Beyond medieval studies, my research interests also extend to Pilgrimage Studies, Material Culture, and Linguistics. 

Rosalba Esparragoza-Scott

Rosalba Esparragoza-Scott (Language Coordinator)
M.A. University of Southern Mississippi

As the language coordinator I oversee the placement of all students who choose to study Spanish at Davidson. Other areas of interest include developing Spanish as a Second Language materials, Colombian children's literature, pedagogical methods related to the teaching of grammar and composition, and the teaching of Spanish to native and heritage learners.

Mary Vasquez

Mary Vasquez
Ph.D. University of Washington

I teach courses in 20th and 21st century Spain, with particular interests in the Spanish Civil War period-the literature and film of exile-the Holocaust seen through a Spanish prism, as well as in the intersections among society, culture, and literary expression.

Angela Willis

Angela Willis (Sabbatical, Fall 2014)
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin

I teach a wide variety of courses in which I share my enthusiasm for the Spanish language alongside Hispanic literatures and cultures. The majority of my scholarship centers on transatlantic, transtemporal tendencies and intertextualities.

Cheryl Branz
Administrative Assistant