Latin American Studies Courses

General Course Listings

Sub CRSE Title
AFR 230 History of the Caribbean
AFR 235 The 1959 Cuban Revolution
AFR 300 Major Thinkers Africana Studie
ANT 205 Ethnic Relations
ANT 208 Early Cities and States
ANT 227 Environ & Cult in Lat America
ANT 251 Mesoamerican Civilizations
ANT 253 Latin Amer Soc & Cult Today
ANT 321 Borderlands, Identity & Rights
ANT 323 Human Rights in Latin America
ANT 327 Religious Pluralism in Lat Am
ANT 341 Globalization
ANT 354 Art & Writing of Ancient Maya
ANT 356 Art, Myth & History of Aztecs
ANT 371 Ethnographic Writing
ECO 234 Latin American Economic Dev
EDU 350 Latino/a Education in US
HIS 162 Latin America to 1825
HIS 163 Latin America, 1825 to Present
HIS 264 Latin American History
HIS 359 Latinos in the US
HIS 360 History of the Caribbean
HIS 362 The 1959 Cuban Revolution
HIS 364 Gender & Hist in Latin America
HIS 465 Latin American Colonialism
HIS 466 Migration & Immigr Latin Am
LAS 101 Intro to Latin Amer Studies
LAS 120 Afro-Latin America
LAS 220 Politics & Economics of Brazil
LAS 222 Pol and Econ of Southern Cone
LAS 230 History of the Caribbean
LAS 235 The 1959 Cuban Revolution
LAS 300 Afro-Latin Intellect Thought
LAS 342 The Latin American City
LAS 395 Independent Study
LAS 490 Latin Amer Studies Capstone
MUS 241 Music of Latin America
MUS 246 Music of Brazil
POL 201 Methods/Statistics Pol Sci
POL 293 Politics of the Americas
POL 344 Politics & Economics of Brazil
POL 347 Politics of Development
POL 353 The Latin American Pol. Novel
POL 354 Politics of the Southern Cone
POL 360 International Pol. Economy
POL 361 Evol & Prac of US Policy in Am
SPA 241 Latin American Lit in Translat
SPA 244 US Latino Lit in English
SPA 270 Textual Analysis
SPA 340 Latin Amer Literature I
SPA 341 Latin American Literature II
SPA 343 Contemporary Latin Amer Novel
SPA 344 Latino Culture in the US
SPA 346 Latin American Theatre
SPA 347 Imperial Cities
SPA 352 Contemp Latin American Cinema
SPA 358 Special Topics in Spanish
SPA 359 Special Topics in Contemp Lit
SPA 374 Caribbean Peoples,Ideas,& Arts
SPA 375 Latin American Women Writers
SPA 401 Special Topics Seminar
SPA 403 Special Topics Seminar
SPA 405 Seminar in Hispanic Studies
SPA 406 Seminar in Hispanic Studies