• The Music Department offers a music major at it's core includes courses in tonal theory and music history.

  • Applied music lessons are available on campus for a wide variety of instruments to any currently enrolled full-time student.

  • The Symphony performs at the Town of Davidson's popular Concert on the Green.



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Music Major

At the heart of the music major is a core of courses in tonal theory and music history. Additionally, music majors will elect two courses from music in the U.S. and world music, two additional electives above MUS 202, and Senior Seminar. You may also apply for Honors in Music.

Music majors participate in both large and small ensembles, benefit from an active Concert Series, and have the opportunity to receive private instrumental or voice instruction from the best teachers in the Charlotte region.

No Auditions to Major in Music

As a liberal arts institution, Davidson does not require auditions for acceptance into the school or into the music major. A music major, like any other major, is declared by the student at the end of the sophomore year. However, all students must meet the academic admissions criteria of the college.

Major Requirements

Music majors are required to take the following courses. A complete list of courses and major requirements is available in the College Catalog.

For students declaring Fall semester 2014 or later:

Ten courses to include:

  1. MUS 101, 121 or 122, 141
  2. Six electives; at least two of the electives numbered 300 or above
  3. Senior Seminar: MUS 401
  4. Two semesters of ensemble

For students declaring before Fall semester 2014:

  1. MUS 110: Exploring Music
  2. Two courses in music theory: MUS 202, MUS 302
  3. Two courses in music history: MUS 325, MUS 328
  4. One elective each from U.S. (MUS 122, MUS 228, MUS 232, MUS 233) and world music (MUS 141, MUS 241, MUS 242, MUS 245, MUS 246, MUS 263)
  5. Two additional electives numbered above MUS 202
  6. MUS 401: Senior Seminar
  7. Music majors are required to be enrolled in applied study continuously while declared and in residence
  8. Music majors are required to pass a keyboard proficiency exam by the end of the fall semester of your senior year

Concert & Lecture Attendance

Music majors are expected to attend regularly the concerts, recitals, and lectures presented by the Music Department.