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Faculty & Staff

Mario Belloni

Mario Belloni (Chair)
Ph.D. University of Connecticut

My research focuses on theoretical physics and physics education research: QCD, quantum mechanics, and curricular development.

Dan Boye

Dan Boye (Sabbatical Leave 2015-16 Academic Year)
Ph.D. University of Georgia

My research is based on experimental laser spectroscopy of condensed matter: phonon dynamics, coherent transient techniques, and impurity ion interactions in crystals, nanocrystals and sol-gel glasses.

Laurence Cain

Laurence Cain
Ph.D. University of Virginia

My research centers on experimental condensed matter physics: elastic, mechanical and optical properties of solids.

Wolfgang Christian

Wolfgang Christian
Ph.D. North Carolina State University

My research delves into computational physics and computational physics education curriculum development.

Tim Gfroerer

Timothy Gfroerer
Ph.D. Dartmouth College

I work in the field of experimental condensed matter physics: I use spectroscopy to study semiconductors.

Faculty Picture

Savan Kharel

Ph.D. University of Tennessee

I am a theoretical physicist with research interests in particle physics and string theory, as well as properties of holographic principle, black holes, and quantum field theory.

Kristen Thompson

Kristen Thompson
Ph.D. University of Kentucky

My research interests lie in the field of observational astronomy. I use observations of the Zeeman effect in radio frequency spectral lines to determine the role of magnetic fields in the star formation process.

John Yukich

John Yukich
Ph.D. University of Virginia

I study experimental atomic, molecular, and optical physics: photodetachment dynamics as well as experimental biophysics: cell motility.


Stephanie Cudo, Lab Manager

Stephanie Cudo
Laboratory Manager
B.S. University of North Carolina, Charlotte

I organize, manage, and maintain lab equipment for all the physics courses, as well as maintain and manage the demonstration equipment that the professors use during their lectures. I also order new supplies and help develop new lab experiments.

Sue Fabros

Sue Fabros
Administrative Assistant

I work closely with the Department Chair to ensure the smooth operation of all departmental affairs. Specific areas include budget, new hires, event planning and public relations via our webpage and Facebook.

Chris VanRooyen

Chris Van Rooyen
Scientific Instrumentation Specialist
N4 Diploma, Congella Technical College

I design and build a variety of electronic and mechanical devices for use in classrooms, research labs, and in the field. I regularly assist faculty, staff, and students, training them in proper operation and safety.