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Faculty & Staff

We strive to create and maintain a supportive climate and daily excellence within the department that encourages professional growth and contributions to the field of psychology. One of the hallmarks of our program is the collaborative research that takes place between faculty and students.

Please contact any of us if you have questions about studying psychology at Davidson or are interested in learning more about the research and scholarship currently happening in our department.

Maurya Boyd

Maurya Boyd
Ph.D. Ohio State University

I'm a Davidson alumna and teach courses in industrial-organizational psychology.

Jessica Good

Jessica Good
Ph.D. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

I specialize in social psychology, and my current research investigates perceptions of women who are the targets of benevolent sexism, and factors that increase recognition and confrontation of sexism.

John Kello

John Kello
Ph.D. Duke University

My research and applied work is in the area of industrial-organizational psychology. I teach General Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Organization Development, and a seminar on the Psychology of Teamwork.

Diana Leyva

Diana Leyva
Ph.D. Clark University

My research focuses on child development and early childhood education. I am interested in how culture shapes the relation between what adults do and how children develop. I teach courses on general psychology, child development, parenting and literacy, and research methods in child development.

Kristi Multhaup

Kristi Multhaup
Ph.D. Princeton University

My research interest is in cognitive aging, particularly the mechanisms that are responsible for memory changes and, in some cases, the lack of memory changes in healthy older adults. I teach General Psychology, Psychology of Aging, Cognitive Psychology, research methods in Memory, research methods in Adult Development, a seminar on Reminiscence, and a senior capstone seminar on Issues in Psychology.

Margaret Munger

Margaret Munger  (Sabbatical leave, 2014-15 Academic Year)
Ph.D. Columbia University

My area of interest is perception-how we organize and understand the world around us. I teach General Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, research methods in Perception and Attention and seminars on the history of psychology, and cognition and the arts.

Julio Ramirez

Julio Ramirez (Chair)
Ph.D. Clark University

My research interests include the recovery of function after central nervous system injury, with an emphasis on determining the functional significance of hippocampal neuroplasticity. I teach undergraduate courses in neuroscience and general psychology, and I've involved more than a 130 undergraduate students in my research program since 1981.

color head shot of Andrea Robinson

Andrea Robinson
Ph.D. Dartmouth College

My area of research examines the effects of physical activity and social contact on drug self-administration.

Mark Smith

Mark Smith
Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

My primary line of research focuses on the variables contributing to differences in drug sensitivity and drug self-administration across individuals. I teach classes in general psychology, learning and behavioral pharmacology.

Laura Sockol

Laura Sockol
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

I am a clinical psychologist, and my primary research interest is risk factors for depression and anxiety among new mothers and fathers. I am particularly interested in the way people think about parenthood.

headshot of Scott Tonidandel

Scott Tonidandel
Ph.D. Rice University

I am a Davidson alumnus with a specialization in industrial-organizational psychology and statistics. My research interests include examining predictors of leadership, the impact of employee mentoring programs, the effects of diversity in organizations, and the utility of various statistical techniques.


Meg DiDonato

Meagan DiDonato
Research Assistant (Multhaup Lab)
B.A. Saint Anselm College

As the research assistant in the Aging Research Lab, I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the lab, coordinating grant participants, and working with students to develop their research skills.

Charlotte Magee

Charlotte Magee
Research Technician (Smith Lab)
B.S. Washington and Lee University

I assist with the research being conducted in the Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory, including running test sessions, data collection and management, and working with the students as they conduct research.

Rachael Murdock

Rachael Murdock
Administrative Assistant
M.A. DePaul University

I work closely with the department chair to manage the operation of the department. This work includes budget management, developing and adjusting department processes, and supervising our work study students.

Nick Upright

Nick Upright
Research Technician (Ramirez Lab)
B.S. Davidson College

I collect data for undergraduate thesis projects, verify chemical inventory, monitor and calibrate equipment, and work with students to sharpen laboratory surgical techniques and methods of data analysis.

Faculty Emeriti

Ruth Ault, Professor Emerita of Psychology
Cole Barton, Professor Emeritus of Psychology
Edward Palmer, Professor Emeritus of Psychology