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    James Atkins '15 and Grinnell College student Arthur Richardson play a traditional Russian game during the Maslenitsa Festival in Taltsi, Russia.


Russian Studies

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Russian Studies

The Russian Studies Department offers language instruction at all levels, combined with a broad, interdisciplinary range of courses surveying Russian culture, literature, and history.  Our students develop true proficiency in Russian language and a deep understanding of this fascinating country and culture that comprises one sixth of the Earth's landmass and boasts approximately 250 million speakers worldwide.

The U.S. State Department has designated Russian a "critical need" language, underscoring our need to engage the Russian Federation in numerous foreign policy challenges, including the conflict in Syria and North Korea's nuclear program. Graduates of the Russian Studies Department enter a world of opportunity in foreign policy, diplomacy, national security, energy, business, publishing, and the arts.

The department has proposed curricula for majors in (1) Russian Studies and (2) Russian Languages and Literature through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies. Once they are approved, students may apply for these majors.

A close-knit and active community, Russian studies students enjoy:

  • Supportive faculty mentors
  • Genuine sense of community among fellow students
  • Small and focused language classes at all levels
  • Surveys on Russian literature and culture
  • New courses on Russian literary theory, gender, and theater
  • Advanced seminars on individual authors
  • Weekly Russian table at Commons
  • Numerous cultural events
  • Frequent opportunities to converse with native-speakers

Russian Visitors

Each year we host an IIE/Fulbright assistant teacher (AT). This year we welcome Maria Turunova from Saratov.  For one month every other fall we also host a group of students from the prestigious Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO).

Cultural Events

Join our weekly Russian Table, culture evenings, movies, and the Russian booth at International Festival during Family Weekend!


For information about scholarships involving Russian, please see the Davidson ROTC page or contact Major Rick Nash.