Faculty & Staff

We have expertise spanning the many specialized fields of sociology. We believe strongly in direct interaction with students, and we develop lasting relationships with our students that continue well beyond a major's four years at Davidson. This close link between students and faculty is one of the distinct advantages of an education at a liberal arts college like Davidson.

color photo of Joseph C. Woodzie, sociology

Joseph C. Ewoodzie, Jr.
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison

As a teacher, I help students develop critical thinking skills for making sense of the social world. To do so, I spend a significant amount of time building trust in relationships with students, especially during one-on-one meetings in office hours. As I strengthen relationships with students, I learn about the varied cultural toolkits and learning styles they bring with them. To tap the potential of all students, I vary my teaching methods to maximize their learning. I teach courses on qualitative methods, sociological theory, culture, race, and urban sociology.

Gayle Kaufman

Gayle Kaufman (Interim Chair)
Ph.D. Brown University

My research examines aspects of modern marriage, parenting and family. I love teaching at Davidson because the college encourages professors to work with students on their research projects.

color headshot of Hilton Kelly, Sociology

Hilton Kelly
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst

I am the chair of the Educational Studies department. My current research project explores how social memories shape contemporary educational policies and practices in the United States. I teach courses on the sociology of education, social inequality, critical race theory, and education in African American history and culture.

Gerardo Marti

Gerardo Marti (On Sabbatical 2015-16)
Ph.D. University of Southern California

The focus of my research and teaching is race-ethnicity, religion, identity, and social change. I am most interested in uncovering the dynamics of contemporary issues like diversity, religious innovation and generational differences in self-understanding. My courses are often seminar style and are best characterized by a cooperative process of critical thinking and analytical dialogue.

Amanda Martinez

Amanda Martinez
Ph.D. Texas A&M University

I teach a variety of courses for communication studies, education, and sociology, including intercultural communication, media effects, women/men/communication, nonverbal communication, rhetorical criticism, public speaking and argumentation and debate.

head shot of Iva Petkova, visiting assistant professor of Sociology

Iva Petkova
Ph.D. Columbia University

My research focuses on the creative processes of change in global fashion organizations in New York, London, Paris and Milan and the complex relationship of the fashion industry with accepting a new internet culture of branding and marketing with online fashion technology start-ups. At Davidson I teach about culture, media and creativity in the digital age, social networks, organizing innovation and sociological theory, and I am particularly excited to teach ethnography and share my passion for qualitative research in complex organizational settings.

color headshot of Matthew Schoene

Matthew Schoene
Ph.D. The Ohio State University

My research and teaching interests all stem from my desire to understand social movement activism and collective behavior in a transnational context. I do this by studying an under-theorized element of society in the study of social movements - urbanization. At Davidson, I teach courses in statistics, survey methodology, urban sociology, globalization and social movements. I am especially excited to work with students interested in international affairs and students working on a quantitative research project.


Cheryl Branz

Cheryl Branz
Administrative Assistant

My work with faculty requires the use of multiple skills to cover their needs and the needs of each department, from ordering supplies to planning events and accounting needs. My goal is to help faculty be prepared to give Davidson students the best they have to offer in the classroom or on a trip with one of the programs abroad that we offer.