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Department Open Houses

Open Houses for Seniors and their Guests

Saturday, May 19, 2018, 8-10 p.m.

To honor the Class of 2018, faculty and staff members are having Open Houses from 8-10 p.m. on Saturday of Commencement weekend.

This years' hosts and locations have yet to be finalized, but last years' schedule is below to give you an idea of what can be expected.




Anthropology, Africana Studies, Latin American Studies and Educational Studies Departments

William Ringle, Caroline Fache, Matt Samson and Hilton Kelly, Department Chairs 

Chambers Lobby

Art Department

Art Department Faculty and Staff

Atrium in the Belk Visual Arts Center

Biology Department

Barbara Lom, Chair, and Biology Faculty Members

210 E. Craig Wall, Jr. Academic Center

Center for Career Development

Jeanne-Marie Ryan, Executive Director

Room 201, Alvarez College Union

Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Chinese Studies, East Asian Studies, Arab Studies, Classics, German Studies, Russian Studies, and French and Francophone Studies

Fuji Lozada, Shelley Rigger, Rebecca Joubin, Peter Krentz, Scott Denham, Amanda Ewington, and Carole Kruger

First Floor, Carolina Inn

Chemistry Department

Cindy Hauser, Chair

320 E. Craig Wall, Jr. Academic Center

Economics Department

Professor Caleb Stroup

209 Lorimer Rd., Davidson

English Department

Shireen Campbell, Chair

Powell Atrium, Duke Residence Hall

Environmental Studies Department

Annie Merrill, Chair

243 E. Craig Wall, Jr. Academic Center

Gender and Sexuality Studies Department

Patricia Tilburg, Chair

Morcott Room, Alvarez College Union

Health and Human Values Department and Premedicine and Allied Health Professions Program

Patrick Baron, Lauren Stutts, Andy Lustig, Kate Orroth, and Naila Mamoon

Room 209, Alvarez College Union

Hispanic Studies Department

Angela Willis, Chair and Hispanic Studies Faculty

Sprinkle Room, Alvarez College Union

History Department

Jonathan Berkey, Chair

900 Room, Alvarez College Union

Mathematics and Computer Science Department

Laurie Heyer, Chair

Red Ventures Athletic Club, Baker Sports Complex

Music Department

Mauro Botelho, Chair

First Floor Lobby, Sloan Music Center

Philosophy Department

Sean McKeever, Chair

Second Floor, Phi Hall

Physics Department

Mario Belloni, Chair, and Physics Department Faculty

First Floor, Dana Science Building

Political Science Department

Susan Roberts and Jim Murphy

310 Concord Rd., Davidson (directly across Concord Rd., from Martin Science Building)

Psychology Department

Dr. Greta Munger and Psychology Faculty

112 South Faulkner Way, Davidson

Religion Department

Religion Department Faculty

Alumni House

Sociology and Communication Studies Departments

Gerardo Marti and James Michael Hogan, Chairs

DuPont Room, Vail Commons

Theatre and Dance Departments

Mark Sutch, Chair, Theatre Department and Alison Bory, Chair, Dance Department

Barber Theatre, Cunningham Fine Arts Center