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Communication Studies

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Communication Studies

Media theorist Marshall McLuhan once noted that he isn't sure who discovered water—but he's pretty sure it wasn't the fish. In our case, we are the fish in the water of communication. The process of communication is at once one of the most compelling and one of the most difficult areas to study. Yet we often aren't particularly good at it, precisely because we are unaware of the complexities of the process.

Communication Studies at Davidson makes the transparent opaque, so that we can examine the process in action using both classical and cutting-edge theories. Because the very act of communication is generative, not incidental, it is a fundamental way of thinking and an essential way of knowing and encountering the world, not something that is simply added on afterwards.

Three Focus Areas

  • Interpersonal communication: including communication in relationships, in small groups, and in organizations, as well as intercultural communication;
  • Public communication: including rhetorical analysis and such intentional efforts to influence audiences as persuasion, social movements, and political communication; and
  • Mass communication: including the history of mass media, the critical analysis of media, and how media shape the communication process.

Whether a talk between friends, a press conference, or a social media campaign, people create messages through which they seek to share meaning. A better understanding of that process enables you to see connections among art and biology, English and political science, economics and psychology, and music and sociology, in exciting and fundamental ways.