Communication Studies at Davidson is interdisciplinary, with opportunities to take a variety of Communication courses, particularly in the subfields of mass communication, intercultural communication, and rhetoric as well as courses in other interdisciplinary fields.

The goal of Communication Studies at Davidson is to help students become better communicators as well as more critical consumers of communication in a variety of contexts. We help students become more thoughtful, reflective, and involved in the processes of communication in a variety of personal, professional, and civic settings.

Majors conduct independent thesis research or a creative capstone project in senior year as the culmination of their major study.

Minors combine their studies in communication with Sociology, English, Psychology, Political Science, Economics, and many other programs across the college, and work in partnership with local nonprofit organizations through the community-based learning COM 495 senior seminar capstone course.

The introductory courses in Communication Studies provide a broad introduction to the discipline and cultivate basic communication skills, while more advanced courses focus on the theory and criticism of communication in a variety of public and mediated settings.

Communication Studies students may also have an additional opportunity for professional development by serving as peer tutors in the college’s Speaking Center, where they provide help to other Davidson students on their classroom presentations.

Students interested in a major or minor in Communication Studies should consult the application process.

Courses You Might Take

POL 121

American Politics

Bullock, Crowder-Meyer, O'Geen, Roberts, Yesnowitz

Analysis of American political processes, institutions, and problems.

Satisfies the Social-Scientific Thought requirement.
Satisfies a requirement in the Communication Studies interdisciplinary major and minor.

Not open to juniors until drop-add; not open to seniors except…

PHI 102

Reason and Argument


Introduction to reasoning with a focus on the nature and evaluation of arguments, the identification of fallacies, and the rules of rational discourse.

Satisfies the philosophy major requirement of either PHI 102 or PHI 200.
Satisfies the…

COM 495

Comm Theory & Research


The capstone course for the Communication Studies interdisciplinary minor.  The study of a variety of theories of communication as they frame questions and enable the discovery of answers.  Theories cover basic conceptions of the communication process in interpersonal…