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Current Students

We are committed to making a Davidson education affordable. Financial aid packages typically include a combination of grants, scholarships, and student employment. You and your family must apply each year.

Evaluating Applications

We evaluate each need-based financial aid application according to these guiding principles:

  • You and your family have the primary responsibility for college costs, to the extent of your ability
  • Financial ability may be determined through assessment of your CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Financial need is the estimated annual cost of attending Davidson minus your family's estimated annual contribution

As a need-based aid applicant, you must notify us of the amount and source of all non-Davidson awards you receive. As a rule, outside awards will replace rather than augment the need-based financial aid package we have offered.

Application Process

Submit the following forms:

  • 2016-17 CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE (code 5150).
  • 2016-17 FAFSA (federal code 002918). Available January 1, 2016.
  • Signed copy of the parental and student 2015 federal income tax return, with all forms, schedules, and W-2 forms – submitted to the CollegeBoard's IDOC Service.

You may also be requested to submit:

  • Noncustodial parent PROFILE (if natural parents are divorced or separated)
  • Business/Farm Supplement (if parents own a business and/or a farm)
  • Corporate/partnership tax return (if parents file this type of return)

 Please note: We receive PROFILE and FAFSA data electronically. You do not need to submit copies of these forms.

Additionally, when you file your PROFILE you will receive an email from the College Board explaining how to submit your tax returns and other forms that may be required.

Athletic Grant Renewal

The grant will be renewed automatically if you continue to participate in your sport as required by the Athletics Department.

The Davidson College Athletics Financial Aid Agreement will be sent to you in early summer.

Study Abroad

Download the Student Financial Assistance Information for External Study document (PDF) to learn how your financial aid package can transfer to your study abroad program.

Deadlines for Current Students and Transfer Students

By April 15: Using financial information from your completed 2015 federal tax returns, submit the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and the 2016-17 FAFSA.

By May 1: Submit signed copies of 2015 federal income tax returns (include all forms, schedules and W-2 forms).

June or July: For on time applications, financial aid award letters will be mailed in June. Our Business Services Office will mail bills for the fall semester in early July with a due date of August 1. Bills will reflect all fall charges and all fall financial aid awarded. Loans will be reflected only if they have been applied for by early July.

Late Applications

Families who file aid application materials after the published deadlines are subject to a reduction in the college grant portion of the award. This grant reduction will be in the form of a student loan ranging from $3,500 - $5,500, depending upon the student's grade level.