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Chemistry Colloquium - Beth Mundy

Beth Mundy will speak about "Synthesis of metal phosphide nanocrystals via an aminophosphine precursor".

This talk will discuss how metal phosphide nanocrystals have generated significant attention in the research community for their possible applications in a wide range of fields, from light harvesting applications to electrocatalysis. Recently, aminophosphines have been utilized as phosphorous precursors for size tunable indium phosphide quantum dots. The reactivity has yet to be generalized to other phosphide materials. We have broadened the scope of aminophosphine chemistry to include the synthesis of zinc, cadmium, and cobalt phosphides. Utilizing this chemistry we can produce size tunable cadmium phosphide and electrocatalytically active phase selected cobalt phosphide.


Sloan Music Center Tyler-Tallman Recital Hall

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Yates, Alexis C