Summer 2020 High Impact Learning Experiences

We continue to adjust to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will transition Davidson’s summer, high-impact learning experiences to remote formats, wherever possible. We have canceled a few of those programs in which the intent of the experience could not be met through virtual engagement.

These shifts are driven by our primary considerations for the health and well being of our participants and communities. Davidson will continue to monitor external summer opportunities and travel restrictions, and we will continue to provide guidance as we progress. Please contact the individual program for questions about the transition and individual implications.

Students pursuing summer experiences through third parties or directly with outside organizations must exercise caution as organizations respond to the pandemic. We strongly discourage students from—and Davidson funds will not be used to support—traveling in contradiction to federal, state and local guidelines regarding health and safety.

Summer Programs Transitioning to Remote

Program Projected Opportunity   Contact  
Community Research Fellows Will go fully remote; external partners Stacey Riemer (
Nonprofit Leadership Fellows Will go fully remote; external partners Kristin Booher
Education Scholars Will go fully remote; external partners Kanalyn Jackson
Sustainability Scholars Will go fully remote; external partners Yancey Fouché (
Davidson in Washington Seminar able to go fully remote; internship experience and credit as available

Silvi Toska (

Peter Ahrensdorf (

Davidson in Silicon Valley Will go fully remote Kristen Eshleman (
Congregational Fellows in Religious Leadership Will be run remotely, with external partners (i.e., congregations) adhering to federal, state, and local health and safety guidelines Rob Spach (
RISE Will take as many projects remote as possible Mark Barsoum
DRI/Abernethy Will take as many projects remote as possible   Nicole Snyder
Kemp Scholars Will take as many projects remote as possible Mark Foley (
Davidson Research Network Will take as many projects remote as possible Nicole Snyder (
Dean Rusk - Pulitzer Fellow Will go fully remote Jane Zimmerman (
Dean Rusk - Funded Projects Qasid program will be fully remote.  Pending IEC approval - one student and one faculty project will go fully remote Jane Zimmerman (

Summer Programs Cancelling or Canceled

Program Contact
Stapleton/Davidson Internship Rob Spach  (
Davidson in Broughton Kristi Multhaup (
Davidson Summer Study Abroad Programs  (Zambia, Ghana, Cambridge, Cadiz) Naomi Otterness (

Catalyst High-Impact Learning

Catalyst programs aim to make connections to the broader world through research, internships, community-based learning and education abroad.

Our opportunities for leadership and discovery prepare students for our global world while allowing them to develop knowledge, skills and values from experiences outside the classroom.

Read About Student's High-Impact Experiences

Internships Build Practical Skills within a Professional Network

Internships provide an excellent opportunity for students to test out career interests, gain valuable experience, and connect with employers who may later hire them upon graduation. Internships provide an opportunity to draw connections between classroom learning, extracurricular activities, and the workplace.

Internship Opportunities at Davidson


Education Abroad Gain New Understanding & Expand Your Worldview

Going abroad is an exhilarating, affirming and transformative experience. The college emphasizes understanding the world at large and prepares students for the challenges of national and international leadership through its study abroad opportunities.

Education Abroad at Davidson

Undergraduate Research Expand & Enhance Scholarship through Original Work

Davidson is a recognized leader in undergraduate research, scholarship and creative work across all academic programs. Faculty members integrate original research and scholarship into the classroom and encourage students to join them in extensive exploration of original work through the academic year and during the summer.

Research at Davidson

Community-Based Learning Use Academic Knowledge and Creativity to Maximize Impact

Community-based learning allows students to connect their academic work with direct experience in the community. Community-based learning courses are offered each year providing students the opportunity to learn about social issues while practicing skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and communication.

Community-Based Learning at Davidson