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Chemistry Colloquium

There will be two speakers:

Dr. Raychelle Burks (St. Edward’s University) will talk about "Seeing Clearly: Salicylic Acid & Super-Glue Fuming of Latent Fingerprints." Visualizing super-glue fumed latent prints continues to present a challenge to forensic scientists as most stains require a post fuming secondary step with a liquid based stain. In this talk, Dr. Burks will discuss her group's development of a single-step vapor-phase staining process using a popular over-the-counter acne medication, salicylic acid, as well as other benzoic acid derivatives.

Dr. Maria Gallardo-Williams (NC State University) will talk about "Digital Collaborations Across Time and Space: Students Making Videos for the Chemistry Lab." Video resources are commonplace in many chemistry laboratories; a recent review has shown that most of the videos in use are generated by instructors or technical staff for the purpose of replacing elements of lab instruction. A different approach to this issue is to source video content from students that have a certain familiarity with the course.


Wall Academic Center Hamilton W. McKay Atrium

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Yates, Alexis C