Truth is an elusive concept these days­—but not at Davidson. For us, truth is not a set of answers,
it’s a way of being­—defined by deep sincerity, intellectual bravery, unquestioned integrity, fundamental decency. 

This is the foundation that makes the Davidson experience a true examination of self and world.
And why relationships formed here are ties that bind, with impact that is boundless.

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Truth Is More About Questions Than Answers

The Davidson experience combines academic rigor with a distinctively supportive community. Because challenge without community lacks purpose. And community without challenge lacks impact.

The Davidson Community

Spirited Debaters. Best Friends.
One And The Same.

At our heart, Davidson is about relationships that formed here and how they inspire lives of consequence. Davidson’s purpose is to assist students in developing humane instincts and disciplined, creative minds for lives of leadership and service in an interconnected and rapidly changing world.

Campus Life

Deep Focus Meets Boundless Exploration

The Davidson educational mission is based on the belief that broad exposure to topics and ideas best prepares students to lead lives of consequence. You will be encouraged to ‘go deep’ in the subjects of greatest interest while benefiting from a diverse academic journey. 

Find Your Passion: Majors & Minors

Find Joy In The Journey

Action and experience are embedded in our immersive approach to learning. The drive to deepen professional and global perspectives runs deep at Davidson. We provide access to real-world experiences through internships, our campus-based innovation and entrepreneurship hub, deep alumni relationships, and a course of study that prepares students for the next step. 

Leadership & Service

Integrity = Doing Right When Nobody is Watching

The qualities desperately needed in the world today—leadership, integrity, curiosity, empathy—don’t just materialize out of thin air. They are formed through experience and shaped by relationships. Relationships with people who will challenge but always care. People who combine great passion with fundamental decency. Leaders who embrace difference while building community. 

Honor Code

Every Day At Davidson Is Touched By
The Arts

Sculpture. Readings. Plays. Exhibitions. Chorale. We integrate artistic endeavors into the daily educational experience. Davidson students find new strengths, take risks, and innovate through coursework in dance, music, visual arts, creative writing, and theater. 

The Arts

Scholar Athlete. And We Mean It.

Athletics is part of education at Davidson, not an attachment to it. More than 80 percent of our students are active in intramural, club, or varsity sports, and one in four are Division I athletes. At Davidson, your academic and social lives will not be compartmentalized. Variety is the name of the game when it comes to our version of work hard, play hard. 

Davidson Wildcats