Davidson is a recognized leader in undergraduate research, scholarship and creative work across all academic programs.

Faculty members integrate original research and scholarship into the classroom and encourage students to join them in extensive exploration of original work through the academic year and during the summer. Through this collaboration, students and faculty contribute to the growing body of knowledge in a wide variety of fields and add creative achievements to art and literature.

Support for research and creative work comes from the college's annual budget and external grants. Summer research programs have also been supported by a variety of sources including The Duke Endowment, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities ICAN program, the Jesse Ball DuPont Foundation, and individual donors. As funding support has increased, the number of students participating in on campus research has grown.

More than half of the faculty published, showed, or performed original work for a range of audiences beyond Davidson over the last five years. The publications included 56 books, 46 book chapters, 655 scholarly articles in peer reviewed journals, 139 web-based publications and 85 performances or exhibits of their art. Approximately 60 percent of faculty members publish with undergraduate co-authors.

Do research, whether it's just for a semester, summer, or turns into a thesis. You won't regret it, and you'll probably form a lasting connection with a faculty member.

Senior Biology Major

Davidson Research Initiative

From the health effects of e-cigarettes to modeling economic growth in developing countries, students contribute to the creation of knowledge through the Davidson Research Initiative.

Davidson Research Initiative (DRI)