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Explore the qualities desperately needed in the world today. Leadership. Integrity. Curiosity. Empathy.

Experience a college atmosphere that cultivates the courage to solve big problems and lead lives of consequence.

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Stories from the Class of 2025 Finding Joy In The Journey

They followed very different paths, from Nepal, New Jersey and North Carolina, to the same destination. Three first-year students document their experiences as they become Davidson students. Bimal Shahi, Tim Schietroma and Kassidy Liggins share their hopes and aspirations in this video series.

Tim Schietroma '25

Kassidy Liggins '25

Differences are grounds for exploration. Spirited Debaters. Best Friends. One And The Same.

Not only do our students accept differences—they are driven to explore them. Students have the opportunity to live with, learn from, and share experiences with students of different backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives. We want our students to be exposed to views they disagree with, to learn how to hone their own point of view, and to understand how people might come to different conclusions.