Emergency Information Page

In the event of an emergency situation, this page will be the official source for the most up-to-date information and announcements.

When revisiting this page for updates, be sure to click your browser's "refresh" or "reload" button to get the most updated information.

Additional communications may include emails, phone calls, social media and/or text messages. Please be sure you are relying on only official college messaging during emergency situations.

Emergency Planning

As part of its comprehensive approach to protecting the college community and preparing for any emergency, Davidson has in place emergency planning protocols that include emergency response and evacuation plans, emergency communication plans, and trained building captains to assist in an emergency.

Emergency Notification (SSAFER)

Davidson's Student, Staff, and Faculty Emergency Response system, SSAFER, uses a layered notification approach to alert students, faculty and staff to emergencies and provide safety instructions via text messages, emails, voice messages, and live spoken instructions. 

The system enables the college to quickly inform faculty, staff and students of an emergency, such as an armed assailant on campus, chemical spill, tornado warning and more. 

The directions communicated in a SSAFER alert supersede all other obligations, whether class or work.

More Information about SSAFER Notices

Media Contact

Please direct all media inquiries to Director of Media Relations Jay Pfeifer: 704-894-2920, japfeifer@davidson.edu or 980-297-2355 (mobile).