Yamato was founded in 1993 in Nara, ‘the land of Yamato’, which is said to be the birthplace of Japanese culture. Yamato travels all over the world with Japan’s traditional Wadaiko drums, putting its souls into the unusual instruments whose sound stirs the hearts of people everywhere. They think of the sound of the Wadaiko drums- made of animal skin and ancient trees, some of which are more than 400 years old- as a pulse or heartbeat (Shin-on), the center of life and the source of power which pulsates within the human body. Yamato attempts to create the energy of life, which envelops the audience and performers. What one feels when surrounded by the sound of Wadaiko, brought out by these highly trained performers, is what the Japanese call “Tamashy”, translated as soul, spirit, psyche- the basic elements of life.

Tickets are free for Davidson students, $22 for General Public, $17 for Davidson Faculty/Staff/Seniors, and $12 for non-Davidson students. Please email Emily Eisenstadt at emeisenstadt@davidson.edu with any questions.