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Being Human requires interacting with and being part of the world around us. Humans are a creative species and our interactions with the world around us inspire us to innovate, create, and design, to the benefit of science, culture, and society. Interactions with insects offer compelling examples of such inspirations and interactions. Our humanity is a result, but also comes at a price. We have exploited and destroyed insects in order to progress, and are destroying species on which we rely.

Chris Paradise is Davidson’s resident entomologist, and is a professor of biology and environmental studies. Chris recently celebrated his 20th anniversary at Davidson. His teaching is focused on developing and adopting innovative evidence-based pedagogies that improve student learning in STEM. He teaches introductory biology and has co-authored a student-centered active introductory biology digital text. He also teaches entomology and ecology, and is working on a digital ecology text. Chris’ research focuses on investigating how environmental factors associated with urbanization affect communities of insects.