Join us for a reception for Homecoming: Art by Alumni, featuring Malu Alvarez ’02, Annie Broderick ’05, Sarah Claire Chambless ’12, Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo ’16, Elijah Gowin ’90, Lucy Corwin ’05, Susan McAlister ’85, Stuart Robertson ’15, Taylor O. Thomas ’12

To celebrate 30 years of the Belk Visual Arts Center, the Van Every/Smith Galleries will present Homecoming: Art by Alumni, a group exhibition highlighting diverse visual art practices of nine accomplished artists. The exhibition recognizes each alum’s individual explorations while also highlighting a common thread: an emphasis on the visibility and physicality of the artist’s hand. Drawing on practices that rely on seeking, selecting, composing, arranging, and manipulating, the works presented – photographs, sculptures, paintings, digital art, and mixed media works – evoke a tangible connection to and deep reliance on process and materials in the communication of each artist’s unique conceptual ideas.