Rita Martin is a creative writer and professor of Spanish at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Radford University.  She studied Spanish Philology and Journalism at the University of Havana and at the Union of Cuban Journalists respectively. Later she completed her Ph.D. at UNC-Chapel and since then she has been teaching courses on modern Latin American culture and literature.

In Cuba she worked as a literary researcher, as a creative writer and reporter for national radio stations and joined the dissident movement Armonía that sought spaces for freedom of expression and conciliation among Cubans.

Her scholarly articles have appeared in leading academic journals and monographic editions in Cuba, Mexico, Spain, and United States such as Letras Cubanas, La Habana Elegante, Revista Iberoamericana and The Atlantic as Frontier: Cultural Mediations between Cuba and Spain.  Her creative work includes books of poetry El cuerpo de su ausencia, Estación en el mar, Tocada por el astro, Poemas de nadie; a collection of short stories Sin perro y sin Penélope and the theatrical work Flores no me pongan/Virginia.               

Since 2010, she has been running the creative blog Grafoscopio in which she publishes Spanish-speaking authors, especially writers from inside and outside Cuba. In addition, she has worked in recent years on the edition and promotion of a Social Covenant or Social Pact among Cubans that can serve as a platform or roadmap for democratic change in the Island.