The unacknowledged contributions of enslaved Black people are everywhere on Davidson’s campus. A special committee tasked with creating a public commemoration to those whose labor was stolen will help to fulfill the promises the college has made to itself and to the world.
In the fall of 2021, Davidson College released a Call For Qualifications for the creation of a commemorative work of art to honor the contributions of enslaved people and others whose labor was exploited. The call was open to professional artists, architects, landscape architects, and design teams with experience managing, designing, and completing public art commissions.
The jury identified the most highly qualified artist(s)/architects/teams for this opportunity, and selected five finalists.
YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED IN THE NEXT STEPS OF THE PROCESS. Join the conversation with Collins & Dyson during their Zoom Community Engagement session.
Dyson and Collins will share their approach to black geography, art production and place as social infrastructure. We would like to invite community constituents to share their past/current use of campus spaces, as well as their desired outcome for the public art in the service of memory and reconciliation.   Learn more and RSVP.