The Cultivate Justice Conference is a two-day, place-based conference comprised of keynote lectures, skill-building workshops, generative conversations, and performances, that bring together diverse groups of student activists from North Carolina and the Southeast under a common vision of environmental justice. Our mission is to educate and empower young people to take meaningful action in the fight against climate change and to amplify the stories and voices of those frontline communities that have been most severely affected by oppressive systems of extractive capitalism. The conference will offer the space necessary for collective learning by fostering a dialogue between student activists and local community organizers, whose on-the-ground work confronts injustice in a localized, tangible context. Inspired by the international fight for environmental justice, our vision of environmentalism focuses on people and community before carbon and emphasizes addressing present and historic forms of oppression based on race, gender, sexuality, class, ability and citizenship. Together, we will develop the relationships, skills, vocabulary, and resilience necessary to build a better future.