The Rev. Wakoh Shannon Hickey, Ph.D., Soto Zen Buddhist priest and scholar of religion and medicine

January 27, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. in the Sprinkle Room of the Alvarez College Union

Dr. Hickey's lecture will draw on her most recent book, Mind Cure: How Meditation Became Medicine (Oxford University Press, 2019). The book traces how religion, race, and gender have shaped the history of mind-body medicine from the eighteenth-century to the current Mindfulness boom. In the late nineteenth century, the largely female-led Mind Cure movement meant not just happiness but liberation for minorities in concrete political, economic, and legal terms. As mental therapeutics became medicalized, individualized, and then commodified, the religious roots of meditation, like the social justice agendas of early Mind Curers, fell away. Dr. Hickey's research explores those transitions and what got lost in the process. 

Sponsored by the Chaplains' Office (704-894-2423). Free and open to the public. Tickets not required.