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Epes Lecture in the Humanities

The 5th annual Hansford M. Epes Distinguished Lecturerer in the Humanities is Chad Wellmon ’99 (University of Virginia). Professor Wellmon will give a talk on his new book project Permanent Crisis: The Humanities in a Disenchanted Age. Nietzsche asked: “what if the emergence of modern democratic society both allowed for the expansion of humanistic education and set the conditions for its persistent vulnerability? What if democracy—and modernity more broadly—and the humanities need one another and yet are fundamentally incompatible?” Wellmon will explore these and related questions in the context of a critical history of the humanities in the modern academy, and especially in the context of the long history of the Humanities Program at Davidson College. 

He has written and edited books including Interacting with Print: Elements of Reading in an Era of Print Saturation (forthcoming, University of Chicago Press, 2017), The Rise of the Research University: A Sourcebook, (University of Chicago Press, 2017), Organizing Enlightenment: Information Overload and the Invention of the Modern University (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015), Anti-education: On the Future of Our Educational Institutions, Friedrich Nietzsche. Translated and Edited with Introduction by Paul Reitter, Damion Searles, and Chad Wellmon (New York Review Books, 2015), and Becoming Human: Romantic Anthropology and the Embodiment of Freedom (Penn State, 2010). 


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