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Career Insiders: Advertising Careers Session

Your liberal arts education can be a springboard to a career in advertising & PR. Presented by Matt Ferguson ▪ Managing Partner ▪ Eric Mower + Associates Advertising and PR is a world that is both art and science. It’s an industry of creative ideas that are informed by analysis. It’s a field where both sides of the brain are always on full throttle. So naturally, it’s an industry that’s looking for big, broad, bold thinkers. As a result, it’s a business that doesn’t just hire advertising, PR and marketing majors. It’s a place where people with liberal arts degrees thrive. Matt will explain why advertising and PR agencies look for people just like you, and how you can get into the field. He’ll share some of EMA’s internationally award-winning work and talk about how an eclectic band of team members from diverse backgrounds works together to make magic happen. EMA is one of the top 20 independent agencies in the US with 9 offices, including Charlotte. Clients include Mattel, Ford, Chiquita, Hoover and Dixie.


Knobloch Campus Center Alvarez- Room 209

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Information Session


Schlein, Kayla N