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Peace Corps Information Table

 Meet with Peace Corps representative Deborah Buckley to learn about the Peace Corps! Since the Peace Corps' founding in 1961, the agency's mission—to promote world peace and friendship—has not changed. Peace Corps is a leader in international development and citizen diplomacy. In an increasingly interdependent world, we tackle challenges that know no borders—such as climate change, pandemic disease, food security, and gender equality and empowerment. Today, Peace Corps is more vital than ever, working in collaboration with partner organizations and using cutting-edge technologies and well-tested best practices to enhance impact. Peace Corps changes lives around the world. Volunteers learn about leadership, ingenuity, self-reliance, and relationship building and become global citizens. Volunteers reflect the very best of humanity, when they return home, they share their stories and experiences and give back to their own communities, helping to strengthen international relationships. Following her time at the information table, Peace Corps rep Deborah Buckley will lead an information session from 11:05am-12pm. Sign up today:


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