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Smith Lecture with Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado "Drawn to the Unknown: How biology is pushing back the frontiers of knowledge"

Join us for the 2018-19 Smith Lecture with Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado.  Nature is wonderfully abundant, diverse and mysterious – yet, we have chosen to pour the brunt of our interrogation of life into an astonishingly narrow sliver of life and hope that such effort will be enough to solve the oldest, most challenging problems in science, like cancer. Alejandro will share with us why we need to redouble our efforts to interrogate the unknown, and provide evidence of the remarkable discoveries that surface when we venture beyond the established comfort zones of modern life sciences research.

Tickets are free and currently available at the Union Box Office.


Sloan Music Center Tyler-Tallman Recital Hall

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Sawicki, Meg E